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Psychrometric Calculator
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Humid Air Properties Calculator

Humid Air Properties Calculator

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The site provides a feature rich, professional quality Psychrometric Calculator web application.

The "Psychrometric Calculator" is based on the formulations developed by Hyland and Wexler. These formulations are approved by ASHRAE as documented in the 1997 ASHRAE Handbook "Fundamentals". Hyland and Wexler presented the equation of state in:
  • Formulations for the thermodynamic properties of the saturated phases of H2O from 173.15 K to 473.15 K, W. Hyland and A.Wexler, ASHRAE Transactions, 89(2A) 500-519, 1983.

  • Formulations for the thermodynamic properties of dry air from 173.15 K to 473.15 K, and of saturated moist air from 173.15 K to 372.15 K, at pressures to 5 MPa, R. W. Hyland and A. Wexler, ASHRAE Transactions, 89(2A) 520-535, 1983.

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